Hi, I'm Caleb!


I’m a critical thinking, goal oriented, overly organized, multi-skilled, laser-focused,  Seattle based digital marketer (whew..that’s a mouthful).

My passions include anything and everything related to technology, sports of all kinds (especially Seattle teams), and handheld or console gaming. If it’s shiny, I want to know how it works and where I can get it.

Go Dawgs, Hawks, and Mariners!


I love to game. Whether it's on a console or in the palm of my hand I'll play it. Favorites include pretty much everything Nintendo, the Halo series, Pokemon and most sports games.

Craft Beer

Being a Seattleite I'm incredibly spoiled when it comes to craft beer. I think I've been called a beer snob more than a few times. My favorite "local" breweries are Elysian, Bale Breaker, and Hop Valley.

Coffee (of course)

I'll basically drink any kind of coffee...especially if it's before 8am. Hand me a decent latte or iced americano and it will instantly improve my mood.

Sports Fanatic

Ever since I could walk I've been into sports. I'll watch anything but Basketball is easily my favorite. Oh...and when I was in high school I did this, which is pretty cool.


Previously I was a resident of Bellingham and business student at the University of Washington. Currently, I am currently an Account Executive at Tagboard and reside in Kirkland, WA.


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